Tricks To Avoid When Judging Shoe size

Tricks To Avoid When Judging Shoe Size

Picking the right shoe size is essential to the health of your feet. And there are several ways to know if you're wearing the right sized shoe. However, there are a lot of poor ways also. Figuring out the right shoe size is a lot more complicated than most people think it is. You have probably heard about certain tricks that are supposed to help you find the right shoe size for you quickly, especially for moments when you’re in a rush and don’t want to stop and try on different pairs. Here are 4 common tricks to avoid when judging shoe size.

"Tricks" To Avoid While Shoe Shopping

1.) Take a Tracing with You

The idea is simple: you trace your foot on a piece of paper and use that to see if the shoe you want to buy fits. If the shoe is smaller than the tracing, then there is no point in even trying it on, and that much is true.

However, don’t assume that if the shoe fits on paper it will be the right shoe for you. You can easily end up with shoes that are too tight, the wrong shape, or even way too big for you.

2.) Putting the Shoe on Your Forearm

If you haven’t seen this until now - your foot is the same size as your forearm. Well, it is for a lot of people, but this is a popular misconception many people believe.

The thing is, putting the shoe on your forearm to measure it, even if your foot and forearm are the exact same length, only tells you if the shoe size fits in terms of length. But the shoe width is also an important criterion you need to account for.

The best way to figure out which shoe is best for your foot is to try it on!

3.) Wear a Thicker Sock When You Go Shoe Shopping

To make sure you’re getting the right pair of shoes, wear a thicker sock. If the shoe fits, then you should buy it and wear it even with thinner socks.

This is not a good idea at all, as you can end up with a shoe that’s too big for you. You should always try on the shoes with the types of socks you plan on wearing routinely with those shoes.

4.) Comparing Two Different Shoes

Another trick we’d advise against is taking two different shoes and comparing them to see if they are a good fit. Again, this may give you a good view of size, but there may be differences in materials you can’t account for.

Don’t rely on these tricks when trying to pick a shoe size. The best way to figure out which shoe is best for your foot is to try it on and see how it feels.

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