Shoes That Will Make Your Feet Look Smaller

Shoes That Will Make Your Feet Look Smaller

Most of the people that walk through our door are very self-conscious about the size of their feet. The first thing we tell them is that the average shoe size has increased by about two sizes since the 1970's and that their feet don't appear as big as they think. We want to help our customers feel comfortable with their looks and see how their peculiarities are what makes them unique.

Not to mention, people with large feet are in good company. Did you know for example that Oprah Winfrey, Uma Thurman, and Whoopi Goldberg are all US size 11? Or that the legendary Audrey Hepburn was a US size 10.5? That being said, there are some things you can do if you want to make your feet look smaller.

How to Make Your Feet Look Smaller

Before we talk about the types of shoes that can make your feet look smaller, it's important to know that while most of these styles will make your feet appear smaller, they will also make them look a tad wider.

Round Toes Instead of Pointy Toes

This one is rather obvious. Pointy toes shoes can make even people that wear a petite size 4 look like they have bigger feet. But, because they are very close-fitting, pointy shoes also give the appearance of narrower feet.

If you want to make your feet look thinner, then this is the right style for you. But, if you are more concerned with the length of your feet, then you should opt for shoes with a round toe.

High Heels instead of Flat Shoes

We know, you can't (or don't want to) walk around in stilettos all day long, but the good news is that you don't have to wear shoes with high and thin heels to achieve the appearance of smaller feet. Chunky and wide heels work just as well or even better.

The average shoe size has increased by about two sizes since the 1970's!

Men don't have as many options to choose from as women, but even a bit of sole around the upper of the shoe can create the illusion of smaller feet.

Opt for Shoes with a Small Opening

Strappy sandals that expose most of your feet will make them look bigger. The same goes for closed shows that have a lot of material on the top. The best option would be to opt for shoes with a small opening near the toes, such as slingbacks or peep-toes.

Think Dark Colors

Just as with clothes, shoes in dark colors will make your feet look smaller than shoes that are brightly colored or come in pastel nuances. If you don't want all your wardrobe to consist of only black shoes, then you can use a color blocking technique to achieve the same effect. For example, buy shoes where the toe cap is in a different color than the rest of the shoe.

Where to Buy Shoes for Big Feet

If your feet are bigger than the average, then you may be struggling to find stylish shoes that fit well. That's because most stores prefer to only stock shoe sizes that are close to the average. Not us!

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