How To Shop For Shoes When Foot Size Is Uneven

How To Shop For Shoes When Foot Size Is Uneven

Here’s an interesting fact: it’s more common to have different sized feet than having identical sizes for both. Statistics show that only around 1% of the population has identical foot sizes, while around 80% of the US population has a larger left foot than their right. So if most people have different-sized feet, why is everyone shopping as if they have identical foot sizes?

Well, in most cases the differences can be so tiny that you can’t really tell there even is one. But not everyone is that lucky - for some, the differences in sizes can create a lot of frustration when it comes to the shoe shopping experience.

Shopping For Shoes With Uneven Feet

Here are a few ways to make shopping for shoes with uneven feet a lot better:

First, Measure Your Feet

The first thing you may want to consider is measuring your feet to know exactly what you’re dealing with. Even if you’re technically sure of your shoe size, there may still be some differences between brands when it comes to exact measurements.

Consider also the fact that your feet may also have different widths, not just length. Having a shoe that fits properly means having one that fits both in terms of length and width. Once you have your exact feet measurements, you can use them to double-check brand sizes.

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Then, Look for the Right Shop

It’s very annoying to have two different-seized feet because, for the most part, shopping for shoes can be difficult. If you’re shopping online as well, the entire process just got even more complicated.

Some people opt for buying two pairs of shoes of different sizes and just combining them based on their own measurements. However, this is a very costly approach, and still, one that leaves a lot of room for mistakes and frustration.

Instead, you may want to look for shops that offer a lot more flexibility to consumers in terms of sizing. Some shops will allow you to choose different shoe sizes, and may also offer in-between sizes, in case your measurements put you between the standard US sizes.

Or Get Them Custom-Made

Your best option is to have the shoes custom-made for you, based on your exact measurements. This is really the only way to guarantee you are getting a comfortable pair of shoes that do not hurt your health in the long-run and can help save you a lot of frustrating moments.

When you have your shoes custom-made, a professional will also take your measurements and account for the type of shoes you’re looking for, to ensure everything is comfortable. However, this can be very expensive. That's why it may be in your best interest to seek out a local shoe store that carries extended shoe sizes.

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